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Miles Davis
Some Day My Prince Will Come, 1961, Music on Vinyl

Just two years after recording Kind of Blue and the departures of John Coltrane and Cannonball Adderley a void had to be filled in Miles's group - enter Hank Mobley. The tenor maestro brings his own flavour on this masterpiece album, the highlight of which remains the eponymous title track from "Snow While and the Seven Dwarfs". 

Stevie Wonder
Hotter than July, 1980, Island Records

By the time 1980 rolled around, Stevie Wonder had already won the Grammy for Album of the Year three times in a row, had six #1 US singles, and 42 Hot 100 singles. With such an incredibly high reputation, there were high expectations for Stevie’s first release of the 1980s and Hotter Than July was a pleasing result, if not an incredible one.

Thelonious Monk
Underground, 1968, Music on Vinyl

This is the last recorded album to feature Monk's timeless quartet with Charlie Rouse on tenor sax, Ben Riley on drums and Larry Gales on bass. What makes Underground special is that unlike his other Columbia recordings, four out of the seven songs were newly composed and recorded... not to mention the album cover which is about as outrageous as Monk himself!

The Baby Huey Story
The Living Legend, 1971, Music on Vinyl

We've been meaning to get this record out to our subscribers for a while, and it feels like a strong way to finish the year! Produced by Curtis Mayfield's Curtom Records, this is the only recorded solo album by James "Baby Huey" Ramey who tragically passed away at age 26 before the album was finished. It's an absolute masterpiece blending psychedelic blues, rock with a whole lotta soul and Baby Huey's powerful vocals!

BB King
Live at the Regal, 1965, MCA Records

Probably one of the most famous live blues albums of all time, Live at the Regal was recorded on November 21, 1964 at the theatre by the same name in Chicago. Not only is BB's performance incredible, but the crowd is so vocal and into it you could just close your eyes and get transported to that dark, smoky theatre with everyone grooving to the best damn music on the planet!

Paul Butterfield Blues Band
Paul Butterfield Blues Band, 1965, Music on Vinyl

The Paul Butterfield Blues Band is arguably the finest example of raw Blues essence. With white harmonica player Butterfield at the center, the racially integrated group started as one of the first authentic and genuine Blues combos. With this debut album, the and would go on and pave the way for for future blues musicians!

Duke Ellington
Indigos, 1958, Music on Vinyl

Indigos is a seminal Jazz album by big band superstar Duke Ellington, originally released in 1958. Ellington chose a set of easy listening ballads to be performed by his ace Big Band, putting less emphasis on the uptempo and danceable Swing the group was revered for. A timeless classic!

Tower of Power
Back to Oakland, 1974, Music on Vinyl

Back To Oakland is the fourth album by Bay Area based band Tower of Power, released in spring 1974. One of our favourite funk bands, and this album definitely is the reason why!

Billie Holiday
Lady Sings the Blues, 1956, Verve Records

The undisputed queen vocalist queen of jazz Billie Holiday's Lady Sings the Blues was taken from sessions taped during 1954 and 1956. It was released simultaneously with her ghostwritten autobiography of the same name and is a tremendous and timeless listen!

Shuggie Otis
Freedom Flight, 1971, Music on Vinyl

Freedom Flight, released in the Fall of 1971, is the second album by Shuggie Otis. The album is every bit as adventurous as Shuggie Otis' 1974 masterpiece Inspiration Information - it's a bit rawer, not quite as lush, but it is every bit as visionary and groundbreaking!

John Mayall and The Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton
Blues Breakers, 1966, Decca

One of the all-time classic blues albums - this masterpiece was recorded in 1966 by John Mayall together with Eric Clapton. Pretty soon after recording this album, Clapton would leave to form Cream, but it wouldn't be the last time he'd team up with Mayall!

The Who
Who’s Next, 1971, Geffen Records

The fifth studio album by the English rock band, developed from the aborted "Lifehouse" project - a multi media rock opera written by Pete Townshend as a follow-up to the 1969 album Tommy.