Storing Vinyl Records

For those of you who are neat-freaks like ourselves here at Vinyl Wings, storing vinyl records and finding new ways to organise them is definitely a big part of having a collection.

Whether you do this to be able to quickly find the right album to play when your friends are over or whether you feel some sort of inner satisfaction from seeing everything alphabetized, here are a few ideas for organising and storing vinyl records on the shelves of your home!

Ideas for Organising and Storing Vinyl Records

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1. Organise by Album Title

Probably one of the easiest ways of storing vinyl records is to organise them alphabetically by album title – simple enough, right?

There are of course some caveats to this method – one being that it requires you to know the name of every album (which is part of the idea of record collecting!), but what about the albums which don’t have a title?

Think of the first 4 Led Zeppelin Albums or the Fleetwood Mac White Album – they don’t have titles so where would you place those?


2. Organise by Genre and then Artist

This is our preferred method of organising and storing vinyl records – assigning a genre to each shelf and then within each shelf to go alphabetically by album title.

 No method is perfect and of course the eternal struggle is to choose a shelf for those albums which are hybrids! Does Blues go together with Rock? Where do Soul, Funk and Disco go – do they have the same shelf as Jazz or their own space?

These are the eternal questions, ladies and gentlemen! While no


3. Organise chronologically by Album Year

If you’re a detail buff and a bit of a geek when it comes to knowing every single album’s release year, this will probably be the method for you.

Your Beatles and Rolling Stones records will probably be scattered over a number of decades! Kudos to you for doing that level of research though!


4. Alternative methods of organising vinyl

Organise autobiographically – here’s a favourite of ours and definitely a pro-tip! We’ll let the expert speak to it rather than us:


5. Don’t organise at all

Maybe part of the beauty of collecting records is to just have them all over the place and not knowing what you pick up when and from where!

We hope the above gives you some inspiration and no matter which of the methods you pick for organising and storing vinyl records, we hope that you enjoy maintaining that collection of yours!

We love reading about your own experiences and if you’ve got a fun new way to organise your LP’s let us know in the comments section below!

If by now your precious records are all neatly organised and tidy, the next steps is to make sure you are taking good care of them – check out our complete vinyl care guide here!!

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