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Fire and Water, 1970
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Fire and Water - Free

Recorded just two years following the band’s formation, Fire and Water would prove to be Free’s most successful album.

Sadly the band’s career would be short lived, in part due to creative disagreements and tricky egos of the characters involved.

You could imagine how bassist Andy Fraser, who had already played a short stint with John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers at age 15, may not have been the easiest character to deal with.

Still, the combination of each member’s musical talent made for amazing listening – their minimalist style opened up a canvas for each of them to be at their best.

The album kicks off with the laid-back and groovy title track on which guitarist Paul Kossoff gives us an incredibly tasteful solo before moving into the similarly-paced Oh I Wept.

As the album progresses, the musicianship becomes increasingly louder, faster and more prominent until the climatic finale of All Right Nowthe band’s hit single and timeless rock anthem!


Otis Spann

The Biggest Thing Since Colossus, 1969
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The Biggest Thing Since Colossus - Otis Spann Fleetwood Mac

Although their US tour didn’t garner Fleetwood Mac a massive fan following, they certainly caught the attention of the very blues masters they had been so influenced by.

When the Mac came to Chicago’s Chess Records in January 1969, the resulting album was one of the finest blues jams ever recorded. Playing alongside Wille Dixon and others, the band struck up a rapport with Muddy Waters’ longtime pianist Otis Spann.

Within a week, Spann got them back into the studio to record this masterpiece. Although Mick Fleetwood sat out, the drummer role instead filled by Spann’s familiar partner S. P. Leary, the band turned in one hell of a performance! Peter Green‘s tasteful guitar was never in doubt, but the music is simply at another level when complemented with Spann’s command of the piano.

Temperature is Rising and Ain’t Nobody’s Business are the kind of slow blues that will send shivers up your spine and hit you harder than a freight train, while Dig You will have you grooving in no time.

We don’t think an album could have been any more aptly named than this one!


Thin Lizzy

Johnny The Fox, 1976

Thin Lizzy - Johnny the Fox

Following on from their breakthrough album Jailbreak, the band wasted no time in capitalising on their stardom. Their upcoming US tour, which could have been their most successful one yet, was unfortunately put on hold due to bassist Phil Lynott‘s deteriorating health.

Though he eventually ended up in hospital with hepatitis, Lynott was in his artistic prime and oozing with creative juices. He used the “downtime” to write most of the songs which appear on this album.

While not as strong as Jailbreak, the album relied on the same successful formula of amazing guitar riffs, tasteful funk influence and Lynott’s poetic lyrics!

Between the guitar-heavy Rocky and the playfully loving Old Flame the album is rich in stylistic diversity and top-notch songwriting!

Our favourite of the eclectic collection is Don’t Believe a Word. That riff simply blows us away every time, while the lyrics show why Lynott belongs to the upper echelons of songwriters!


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