Records of the Month – Jazz and Soul – April 2020

Jazz and Soul Subscription Records of the Month!

Our musical elves have sifted through thousands of archives of music and listened to hours upon hours of albums to bring you 3 incredible records this month! Not only that, but a dedicated team of historians tried their absolute best to give you a little background on each one! All part of a day’s work here at Vinyl Wings!

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Bill Evans

Conversations with Myself, 1963

Bill Evans Conversations with Myself

You know how nowadays people get annoyed about autotune in songs and about how tech is affecting music more generally? Well, back in 1963 a similar debate was sparked by overdubbing – the technique of combining multiple layers of recorded music into one piece. Bill being one of the most lyrical and gifted jazz pianists ever was the perfect artist to record this type of an album.

The technique allowed him to add the kind of depth to his album that we haven’t heard on many others. At times, you even forget that the only thing playing on this album is a piano – not even a drummer or bassist.

Maybe the album was the subject of debate back then and maybe not everyone loved it at first, but we hope you agree with us when we say that this is a truly special recording and worthy of regular play. We’ve also featured Bill Evans in our May Jazz & Soul Records of the month as part of our jazz subscription!

Aretha Franklin

Lady Soul, 1968

Aretha Franklin Lady Soul

From the very moment the needle drops on this LP you will be hooked to this album. It has everything from the shake-your-hips groove of Come Back Baby to the deeply soulful ballad that is (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman.

Aretha’s voice here is the soulful, raw powerhouse tone that reverberated and echoed through time to still reach us today. It seems that voice and talent runs deep in the Franklin blood, since Aretha is being backed by her sisters – Carolyn and Erna on this recording.

The album is no stranger to critical acclaim, having peaked at numbers 1, 2 and 3 in Billboard’s Black Album, Pop Album and Jazz Album charts, respectively. This here is a must have for any vinyl collection by the Queen of Soul herself.

Stan Getz

Lullaby of Birdland, 2003

Stan Getz Lullaby of Birdland

We love Stan Getz. There are few tenor players who have such a warm, musky and recognizable tone that he has. You could be out grabbing a drink at a bar, and the moment his cool sax comes on in the background, you’d immediately think “Ah, that’s Getz”.

An artist who has explored just about every genre and sub-genre that there is, he was a gifted player with strong improvisational skills. Most people know Getz from his Bossa Nova recordings and collaborations in the 60s – but we’ll come to those in another release.

This album features a variety of fantastic numbers recorded in the late 40s and early 50s and is proof that that he could play just about anything and without fail build a connection with the listener.



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