Fathers Day Gift Guide 2021

Hey Vinyl Lovers!

With Father’s Day just around the corner, you may be wondering what to get your beloved dad! Sure, he may have his moments of wearing a cringe t-shirt or slipping the occasional terrible dad joke, but this is the man you’ve (quite literally) looked up to you entire life!

Chances are it was your dad who first introduced you to the finer things in life, including listening to amazing music! While he may say he doesn’t want anything for Father’s Day this year, we both know that turning up empty handed is not an option!

On that sunny Sunday in June, we think that your father deserves to be spoiled and pampered. We know that finding gift ideas for dad is not easy, so we’ve put together our Father’s Day Gift Guide for the cool music-loving father in your life! We’ve got a few categories of gifts lined up – from music books and vinyl supplies all the way to cocktail makers!

In case you’re a father reading this gift guide – who says you can’t treat yourself to something nice on Father’s Day? After all, this is your day – treat yourself!

So, without further ado, here is our Father’s Day Gift Guide 2021!

Beautiful & Stylish Taschen Music Books

While you or your dad may have a beautiful vinyl collection stacked in the shelves of your home, why not complement it with some stunning music books of your father’s favourite genre, artist or even label?

We have picked out a few of our favourite music books from Taschen which we think would make an excellent Father’s Day gift! Each of these is a piece of artwork on it’s own and would look fantastic on any coffee table or shelf!

1. Jazzlife – William Claxton

Jazz Life Book Taschen

Take a jazz trip like no other with William Claxton’s legendary photographic journey across the concert halls, side streets, and big bands of 1960s America. From coast to coast, Claxton’s tribute is a living, breathing, beating picture of the genre that enraptured America across social, economic, and racial lines.

2. Capitol Records

Capitol Records Book Taschen
Capitol Records brought the Beatles to America and the Beach Boys to the world, and, with its iconic Hollywood tower, was also home to Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra. This epic photographic and musical history is the official account of Capitol Records, featuring a foreword by Beck and hundreds of images from the Capitol Record archives through pop, rock, country, classical, soul, and jazz.

3. Bob Dylan – A Year and a Day

Bob Dylan Taschen Book
Daniel Kramer’s classic Bob Dylan portfolio captures the artist’s transformative “big bang” year of 1964–65. Through vast concert halls, intimate recording sessions, and the infamous transition to electric guitar, nearly 200 images offer one of the most mesmerizing photographic series on any recording artist and a stunning document of Dylan and rock ’n’ roll history.


Cocktail and Drinks Accessories

What is more of a “dad thing” than having a nice glass of whiskey on a Saturday night, or shaking cocktails for guests at the next Sunday barbecue?

For those special occasions, we have put together a few amazing cocktail and drinks themed Father’s Day gift ideas:

1. Rusty Barrel Chelsea Cocktail Making Set

Cocktail Gift Set

Does your dad like a good cocktail, and if so what is his favourite? Well, why not get him a beautiful cocktail making set to enjoy his favourite drink at home on special occasions?

The Rusty Barrel Chelsea cocktail set is a classic Manhattan-style cocktail shaker with a mirrored finish which will look stunning behind any bar and is both sleek and functional!

The set includes matching utensils, a recipe book and a stylish presentation box, making it the ideal Father’s Day gift.

2. Whiskey Glasses and Tumblers

What’s better than enjoying a smokey whiskey while spinning your favourite jazz or blues album? A beautifully-crafted whiskey tumbler is an absolute must-have for any home bar and makes for an excellent Father’s Day gift!
For something that is truly timeless and a classic tumbler we love the Nachtmann Noblesse Whisky Tumbler. If you like a little bit more of a modern and minimalist design, be sure to check out the whisky glasses by Normann Copenhagen!
Whiskey Glasses
Finally, if you are looking for something truly unique, check out the Norlan Whisky Glass. Inspired by nature, digitally crafted, and meticulously refined with master distiller Jim McEwan, the Norlan Whisky Glass has been designed to capture whisky’s complex flavors and aromatics and deliver them to the senses like never before.


Turntable and Vinyl Accessories

As any true vinyl aficionado will tell you, the greatest joy of vinyl is not only listening to the incredible sounding music, but also the care and time you need to put in your collection to make sure it keeps bringing you joy year after year!

So, here are a few of our vinyl-themed Father’s Day Gifts for you to consider:

1. Crosley Portable Turntable

We know that a traditional vinyl set-up involves multiple pieces of equipment, lots of space and time to build, and that’s why we love the all-in-one turntable from Crosley!

Lightweight in its charming suitcase-style shell, it’s easy to use and a delight to hear. With pitch control, built-in speakers and a Bluetooth receiver, the Cruiser is ready to jam vinyl or your digital music!

We think that this will make for the perfect Father’s Day gift for all of the vinyl lovers out there!


Crosley Record Player

2. Record Cleaning Kits

No record collection is complete without a kit to keep it in beautiful playing condition! A record cleaning kit becomes even more important for those dads who like to go digging through crates at the local flea market or record store for used records.

A good cleaning kit can be a great way to bring previously-owned albums back to life! Our favourite is the Spin Clean which offers a full car wash service for your records! For something a little bit more simple and less bulky, have a look at the AM Record Cleaner Box Set!

Be sure to also check out our Ultimate Vinyl Care Guide for more tips and tricks and ideas for vinyl care products!


Vinyl Wings Gift Subscription

What is better than the gift of music? With our Gift Subscriptions , you can surprise your dad for Father’s Day with a 1, 3- or 6-month subscription to his favourite music!

Our Jazz & Soul and Rock & Blues vinyl subscriptions make the perfect Father’s Day gift and include a monthly selection of 2 out of 3 records as well as a note from our curator with a little history about each of the artists and albums in the box!

We bring premium vinyl at great value to our members and only work with high-quality manufacturers and labels such as Music on Vinyl, Blue note and others! See what our members have to say about a Vinyl Wings subscription!

Vinyl Subscription UK


We hope this Father’s Day gift guide has been helpful to you all wish you happy shopping!

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