Best Gifts for Vinyl Lovers – Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Well friends, it’s the time of year when everyone’s warmer blankets are out, the days are getting shorter (although they’ve never felt longer!) and suddenly you don’t need an excuse to order a hot chocolate with whipped cream from your favourite coffee place!

With the festive season just around the corner, many of us are starting to collect holiday gift ideas for our friends and loved ones. We at Vinyl Wings wanted to bring our readers some of our favourite gift ideas for the vinyl enthusiasts and jazz lovers in everyone’s life!

Without further ado, let’s just dive right into it shall we? We’ve put together a fantastic holiday gift guide which we hope not only covers all bases, but also brings you something that’s slightly more outside of the box and gives you a few creative ideas!

Holiday Gift Guide – Gifts for Vinyl Lovers

Beautiful Vinyl Storage Ideas

We all know that part of the joy of having a vinyl collection is the eye candy that it offers! What’s better than a beautifully arranged set of records, just waiting to be picked and played!

How you display your collection can be just as thrilling as growing the collection in the first place! This awesome Vinyl Storage Rack from Urban Outfitters will do very nicely in a living room or music room. Or better yet, here’s another beautiful piece of vinyl storage furniture that will add a little bit more warmth into our current HiFi and vinyl set-up!

LP record - Phonograph record

For those who like a little bit wall art, why not display your most cherished records? This awesome Record Flip Frame lets you pick your beloved albums and put them up for all to see!

Art Vinyl Flip Frame - Picture frame


Jazz Wall Art

Speaking of wall art, there are many fabulous holiday gift ideas for jazz lovers to hang up on display in their homes.

The incredible Francis Wolff, who was the brains behind Blue Note together with Alfred Lion, was also a talented photographer and had the unique opportunity to intimately capture images of jazz legends during recording sessions. Many of his photos graced the covers of the Blue Note albums, but others are also available as limited-edition prints! YellowKorner is just one of the places that you can buy some of his prints and give a jazz lover in your life a very unique and memorable gift this holiday season.

Jazz - Blue Note Records


Page One - Jazz

If that isn’t your fancy, or you would like to see even more of his photos, check out his photography book which features some of his most iconic work. What’s better for a jazz and music lover than a coffee table book with photos of all of these legendary musicians performing?

And finally, one of the greatest annual celebrations of jazz and the sanctuary for incredible music nowadays is the Montreux Jazz Festival which takes place in Switzerland every summer. Why not check out their gift store for potential ideas of holiday gifts – we love their posters section which features a number of beautiful and iconic prints!

2015 Montreux Jazz Festival - 2019 Montreux Jazz Festival


Vinyl Wings Gift Subscription

What better gift than the gift of music? With our Gift Subscriptions , you can surprise a loved one with a 1, 3- or 6-month subscription to our service!

Our gift subscriptions make the perfect Christmas present and include a choice of 2 out of 3 records as well as a note from our curator with a little history about each of the artists and albums in the box, sent each month for the duration of the gift subscription!

Font - Meter


Turntable and Vinyl Accessories

As any true vinyl aficionado will tell you, the greatest joy of vinyl is not only listening to the increadible sounding music, but also the care and time you need to put in your collection to make sure it keeps bringing you joy year after year!

Turntable Weight

There’s so many accessories to consider and think of when tweaking your hifi system and your turntable – but one which sometimes gets overlooked is a Turntable Weight. These little weights can improve the sound quality of your records by reducing some of the noise floor of the turntable and giving a tighter, more controlled sound! Here’s one we like from Rough Trade for you to consider!

Product design - Turntable

Anti-Static Record Brush

Before playing any record, it’s recommended to run a brush over it first to get rid of any dust particles which may interfere with the playing of the record or create static noises. Here’s a record brush from AudioQuest which we would recommend to vinyl lovers to check out!

AudioQuest Anti-Static Record Brush - AudioQuest Anti-Static Record Cleaner Brush


Record Cleaning Kits

No record collection is complete without a kit to keep it in beautiful playing condition! A record cleaning kit becomes even more important for those who like to go digging through crates at the local flea market or record store for used records. Unfortunately, over time some records will be neglected or forgotten about, which will cause the accumulation of dust and grime in the grooves.

A good cleaning kit can be a great way to bring these beauties back to life! Our favourite is the Spin Clean which offers a full car wash service for your records! For something a little bit more simple and less bulky, have a look at the Thorens Vinyl Cleaning Kit which also comes with an anti-static record brush!

Be sure to also check out our Ultimate Vinyl Care Guide for more tips and tricks and ideas for vinyl care products!


We hope this holiday gift guide has been helpful to you all wish you happy shopping!

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