About Us

We like to think that listening to music is like embarking on a journey of self-discovery. Most people will agree that music is a big part of their identity and, as such, should be discovered and explored. That’s why Vinyl Wings was founded – to let people unearth their love for music through a unique medium that requires care, maintenance and love. Nothing truly expresses the magnitude and passion of music like a carefully selected record.

If you agree with us, then that’s probably why you’re here! So, let us put you on track for a journey which you won’t regret! Our aim is to enable our members to discover something new and memorable – each and every month.

We offer a curated monthly subscription service for those who are passionate about music on vinyl and want to discover new albums, artists and genres. We do this by putting paramount importance on the musical quality of the records we select, as well as deliver the back story behind them to ensure that our members are experiencing the very best that each genre has to offer.

So… ready to fly high vinyl?

Head on over to our registration page and see which package is right for you.

“Every vinyl lover with a sense of adventure should subscribe to Vinyl Wings!”
- Eric H.